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We're Barely Holding On



 I will wear what I want.

 I will get tattoos if I want.

 I will wear makeup if I want.

 I will dye my hair if I want.

 I will pierce whatever I want.

 I will shave what I want.

 I will lose weight if I want.

 I will gain weight if I want.

 I will have sex if I want.

 Stop telling me what to do with my body because I’m a girl. 



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I want to talk to you but my face


I follow back! 


if you rip my headphones out of my ears ill rip your heart out of your chest

-16 year old girl that literally cannot take it anymore
-depressed and no one gives a shit
-suicidal and no one knows
-hanging in there, but it's not working out too well
"All the best people are completely mad.."

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